Equipment for Merchant Services: Must-Haves For Individuals & Businesses

Equipment for Merchant Services: Must-Haves For Individuals & Businesses - All-Star Terminals

We are witnessing a significant increase in company payment processing technology options due to the rising trend of card payments in the US and throughout the world. Customers now often swipe and dip their cards in readers on various devices, including smartphones. As a result, more and more transactions are being completed using EMV terminals, chip-card technology, and NFC credit card terminals.


All of the main credit card processing technologies undoubtedly have an effect on how transactions are carried out. Therefore, we'll go into detail about four key credit card processing technologies in today's post. You will have a better understanding of their function in the current merchant services environment in this way.

EMV Terminals

EMB is the abbreviation of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa and represents all the credit card terminals that are compatible with these cards. All new credit cards are now equipped with EMV chips, which replace the signature requirement network security with one that employs special encryption for each transaction. The prevention of credit card theft during in-person transactions safeguards both your company and your clients.

Importance for businesses

Your company's transaction processing systems should all support EMV chip cards. If a consumer uses an EMV chip card and your system is incompatible with it, forcing them to scan, your company might be made responsible for any resulting fraud. If fraud happens after you switch to EMV equipment, you are no longer held responsible.

Tablet Payment Processing

If you are familiar with the Smartphone payment system, you will never face any issues with the Tablet payment system. Tablets allow business owners to tote them about space or use them as desktop point-of-sale computers. Various businesses keep tablets on tables so that customers can pay while sitting at the tables.

Importance for businesses

Customers may easily check out wherever they are or add tips to purchases at the counter thanks to tablet payment processing. Like other desktop and mobile devices, tablets are robust and resilient and support EMV payments, and can make businesses more fast and accurate with their transactional processes.

Mobile Credit Card Terminal Processing

Your salesmen can move around using mobile credit card terminals. They might be portable payment processing devices or credit card readers that operate when connected to smartphones. Because they are accustomed to utilizing their cell phones for daily chores, millennials and younger customers may find this innovative method of payment processing appealing.

Importance for businesses

Additionally essential for conducting business outside of a physical location are mobile credit card terminals. If your business is going to a community event, you may use a mobile reader to make sales at your exhibit. Additionally fantastic for company owners without physical sites are mobile credit card machines.

NFC Payments

It is an amazing cardless and cashless way of making transactions where the customer has to download the application, open it and bring the phone near the payment device. This solution works only when you have already linked your bank or credit card with the application.

Importance for businesses

Customers can utilize NFC at desktop point-of-sale terminals. Moreover, retailers can also install NFC devices everywhere across a shop for rapid self-checkout. Depending on where customers are in a business, there are other ways to improve the NFC experience for them, such as the capability to scan coupons using a smartphone or get special offers directly to a smartphone.



Enhance your know-how of all these merchant services equipment and learn to integrate them into your business.